hair transplant

The Various Regrowth Stages of a Hair Transplant

In the hair transplant treatment, the hair is basically transplanted to the bald area from the donor area where sufficient hair is present. The regrowth stages in case of the natural hair growth cycle and hair transplant cycle are more or less same
Hair transplant in Punjab is common and various specialists there are known to treat the hair fall problem by holding good qualification and experience
The various stages of hair growth in the hair transplant case are

1) Telogen
This stage is marked by the fall of hair follicles after the 2 weeks of surgery. After their shedding, they remain at this stage anywhere from 3-4 months.

2) Anagen
This stage marks the growth of hair follicles of about half an inch per month according to the American Academy of Dermatology. It is this stage when your doctor tells whether further grafting is required to you or not for complete fullness of head.

The Various Regrowth Stages of a Hair Transplant

3) Catagen
This stage is called a transition phase where you will see your hair stop growing and moving into dormancy

4) Telogen
This last stage although sharing the same name of stage 1 has a different role at this point. Here, the hair will remain on your head for 3-4 months before they shed but another hair will soon be expected to follow.


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